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The "Cavallino della Giara" restaurant was founded in Barumini on 1986, with the aim of mixing the local culinary tradition with a contemporary feel; this is thanks to the commitment and dedication of those who always intends the cuisine as a sensory experience.

The restaurant is close to the archaeological complex 'Su Nuraxi' (the largest ‘nuraghe’ of the island) and is surrounded by an enchanting landscape: it is in the Gestury hill valley, in front of the beautiful castle of Las Plassas and the large Marmilla typical lowland.

The perfect harmony with nature and archaeological beauty, combined with its hospitality give to "Cavallino della Giara" restaurant a superb value.

On the inside there are three halls and a beautiful covered veranda, which easily accommodate 700 seats, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere enhanced by the presence of several murals on the walls.